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Best 10 Outfits to get Potheads high without Weed in 2016.

Cannabis, Stoner, Pothead...When people hear these names, they often remind of the image of someone who always does puff-puff-pass stuff, deeply sinking in the magical ganja and appear to be clumsy or messy. Is it true?

Marijuana, Weed, Reggae...their content is much richer than just these wide-spread misconceptions above. Within them, there are a huge collection African-rooted culture, lifestyle, and last but not least, fashion. Let's take a look at the list, shall we!

Reggae Marijuana Dreadlocks Lion Rastafari Music Beat Trendy T-shirt.

This is definitely the most Reggae T-shirt design you can find. A proud Lion enjoys the flow of music beat, toking a marijuana joint, and put on him a majestic dreadlocks mane . Sure that you will get high even you don't touch a joint. Fill your soul with this amazing design!

Glow Purple Weed Leave Colorful Galaxy Future Marijuana Smoker 3D T-shirt.

When it comes to the daily outfit, T-Shirt is probably the best option for smokers, whom often are known for their free soul and the love of displaying their lifestyle. Colorful design accompanied with the Mary Jane's leaf symbol, it will rock your style on Friday night. Life is boring without weed, isn't it?

Smoking Funny Gorilla Monkey Gym 3D Swag Cool Tank Top.

Don't be so surprised to see a Gorilla's high on weed. These amazing creatures have the gene pool that's 99% same as ours, we can, so why they can not? With the design of this exciting concept, this tank top will accompany you in any kind of situations, an intensive gym section , chilling out in your hood, a hot as hell pool party,...and you know what, people will go ape when they saw the Tee. Showtime!

Marijuana Just Toke It Nike Weed Smoker Funny Slogan Design Hoodie.

Smoking weed doesn't mean you must be weak physically. The hoodie with the design of a burning joint and the Nike-inspired slogan "Just toke it", this is doubtlessly a must-have item for potheads who also choose the sport and outdoor activities as the huge part of their life. Get high outside!

Cool Rastafari Jamaica Reggae Sketch King Lion Vibrant T-shirt.

Proud, majestic and strong, Lions have and always been symbolized as the King of the Animals Kingdom, and to Rastafarians, Lions also represent the spirit of the culture and the lifestyle. Inspired by this symbolic creature and the vibrant of rasta color, the shirt definitely will make you stand out from the crowd. Let's people hear the roar of your soul.

Marlboro Overdose Marijuana Green Weed High Smoke Trendy Hoodie.

Phillip Morris has made a leap of faith in the legalization of Cannabis bandwagon and their latest Marijuana cigarette product a.k.a "Marlboro M" was a boom. Put on this high-quality hoodie and show your interest in this movement, California made it, Nevada made it,... How about your State? Time to show your ideas!

Cannabis Marijuana Leaves Green Funny Cute Bear 3D Sweatshirt.

Let's get together with your gang and be the trend setting person with this incredible sweatshirt. Music, checked, ganja herb, checked, self-confidence, checked, one more thing, cool swag bear sweatshirt, checked. Ok, you are ready to blowout.

Cool Purple Cannabis Galaxy Stoned Weed Leaf 3D Printed Sweatshirt.

Need something to keep you warm in Vogue this Christmas? Search no more, this is the ideal item for you. High-quality fabric and outstanding creative design with the Marijuana-themed surely will make people go wow. You don't have to be Bob Marley to get all the attention. This sweatshirt is all you need.

Stoned Fucked Up Dilated Eyes Rabbit Comic Hip Hop Style Sweatshirt.

Mary Jane's seduction is can't be denied, even popular cartoon character Bugs Bunny is into this magical herb. The funny design of stoned Bugs with his bloodshot eyes is totally a crazily funny and trendy idea. Your friends will talk about this sweatshirt for weeks. Get it right now bros!

High Society Green Weed Marijuana Cool Streetwear Baseball Jersey.

NBL-fan Smokers are looking for something dope to wear in the next game day and you are so done with the mainstream Red Sox or Yankees... uniform Jersey?Bam! The 420 themed baseball jersey is right here and doubtlessly this is the best choice you can have. High quality accompanies with swag design, Hit a home-run with this awesome jersey.

Are you ready to rock on with the rasta soul? Let's share your fashion taste with us by leaving comments below.


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