What You Need To Know: Food Your Dog Should Strictly Avoid

List Of Food Your Dog Should Strictly Avoid (Update: 2020)

It is only natural that any pup owner would like to share their incredibly delicious treats with their favorite pup. After all, I do not believe that there exists someone who can easily resist those puppy eyes that the pup will display each time they are in the mood for some morsel. However, you should always be aware that spoiling the puppy will sometimes yield unexpectedly fatal results. Thus, it is vital that a great pup owner know that sometimes you must say “No.” This is due to the fact that there are foods that are simply bad for the pup and they will cause all kinds of problems to the health of your cute pup. Even in the case of your pup displaying no virtual problem after eating them in the past, there are still chances that they have caused serious issues that you don’t know about.
Thus, to make sure that the risk of your pup getting issues from food is as small as it can get, I present to you the food that your pup should avoid strictly.


To start things off for the list of top food that is bad for your pup is, of course, the one food that I am sure you have heard of the most, chocolate. While humans do not have any issue eating this incredibly sweet, it is another entirely different case for our furry friends. In fact, theobromine, a substance easily found in all kinds of chocolate, is not at all harming to humans, but it is quite toxic if your pup eats it. The unlucky pup will then start vomiting, having diarrhea, getting thirsty. There are some extreme cases where they can experience seizures, tremors, abnormal heart rhythms, or even death.

Bacon, Fatty meat

If you are questioning if the pup should have some bacon or not, don’t bother anymore, as the answer will always be no. Food that has high-fat percentage such as meat trimmings, bacon, or ham can easily cause pancreatitis in pups. In addition, these kinds of meat are usually also possessing a high level of salt, they can make the stomach of the unlucky pup upset. There are, of course, some extreme cases where they make the pup drinks too much water and lead to bloat, which is quite fatal.

Salty food

There is a high chance that you have heard somewhere that pretzels and popcorns are not at all good for your pup. However, that is only the case when those foods get salted. This is due to the fact that salt can cause the pups a condition known as sodium ion poisoning, and I still have not counted in the excessive urination and thirst. Once your pup eats too much salt, it may start vomiting, having diarrhea, seizures, and high body tempts. In addition, there is also a high chance that it will get bloated the same case with bacon.

Garlic and Onion

This food one-two combo will not just grant you the ability to repel vampires or even dragon breath. These kinds of pungent ingredients mean bad news for any pup that is unlucky enough to ingest. After all, they are capable of destroying a pup’s red blood cells, which will lead directly to anemia, if the pup consumed too big of an amount. This combo is quite a tricky case, as they will not do anything harmful to the pup if it ingests them in small quantities. However, a regular or large dose will instantly lead to poisoning.

Ice Cream, Cheese, Milk, Dairy Products

For any pup owner, there is a high chance that you have slipped a pill that your pup refuses to eat in a cheese piece so that he will eat it. However, what you don’t know is pups are never built to be able to properly process products made from cow milk. In fact, they lack the necessary enzyme to break the sugar in milk down. Thus, while some of them can handle a few dairy products, most of them are lactose intolerant. Dairy products have a high chance of making the pup to vomit, develop gastrointestinal diseases, and diarrhea.

Peanut butter, Candy, Gum, and other baked goods

For your information, the true culprit behind the ban of these products is none other than xylitol. This substance will cause a surge of insulin through the body of the pup and then lead to its blood sugar level dropping, which will then cause liver failure. Some regularly seen symptoms are coordination loss, vomiting, lethargy, seizures, and then death. A large amount of these foods, in particular, peanut butter, can be made without any hint of xylitol. Thus, you only have to properly check the ingredient list of the foods you are planning to share with the pup.

Raisins and Grapes

This case of fatal food is indeed quite sticky if you own a number of dogs. It is due to the fact that some of the pups may have previously eaten raisins or grapes without any apparent issue. However, you must never let your guard down as raisins and grapes are known to be capable of causing renal failure in pups. In some cases, the pup’s kidneys may just shut down completely, making him vomit, causing lethargy, and then lead to death.


The majority of controversies about avocados and its dangers to pups include persin, a substance that can be found in avocadoes’ fruit, bark, seeds, and leaves. This substance is quite toxic if ingested in high doses. However, pups are usually quite resistant to it, and the persin will need to be in quite a high dose to be fatal. This is not mentioning the fact that the persin level will drop the moment the fruit becomes ripe. So what is the issue? If you do possess an avocado tree in-house, or out in the yard, the pup may eat too much of an amount of unripened avocado fruit.
However, that is still not the most worrying factor, as the pits, stems, and seeds can all causes far greater damages. First of all, they are hard to completely digest, which mean they may cause gastrointestinal blockages or choking, both can be fatal.


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I’m a new fur parent. I love dogs but I never got the chance to adopt one before. Now that I have a new pup, I have this habit of reading articles about how to take care and what are the good and bad habits that I can give to her. And upon reading this, I became aware of what foods my dog should avoid. I’ll take note of this food list. Thank you!

Nancy A.

Oh no! I didn’t know these foods are bad for dogs. This article really gave me the knowledge of what food dogs should strictly avoid. Knowing that these foods are extremely delicious for us human, but these foods are actually harmful to our fur babies. Good thing I found this article. I will never allow my dog to have these kinds of food ever! I don’t want my dog to have serious health problems. I will share this article with my family and friends, and everyone should know about it. Thanks for this very helpful article.

Mika A.

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