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PS4 Skins & Decals

Having an extraordinarily powerful engine as the heart of the machine, Playstation 4 is definitely a must-have item of gamers from the amateur to hardcore to satisfy their passion in games. But their original case might look quite boring with a few simple color options, especially to gamers that often known as highly innovative people.
 The cover skins and decals were custom-made with the inspiration from the variety concepts of nature, freedom, creativity, Rasta culture, etc... we offer you diverse choices of awesome designs to bring your PS4 appearance to a whole next level of dope. Smokers, Pothead, let's make your gaming gears as high as you, why not?
 The skin decals with precision cut, easily to install and access to all the keys, ports and connections assure that your precious gaming gears will work perfectly  like a charm without any unnecessary problem. It also will not scratch, fade or peel, completely protect your console from dirt and water. 
 It's time to put on designs of Marijuana, Cannabis or cool animals (cat,dog,lion,tiger...)  themes on your PS4 console. Free delivery worldwide. 



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